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With two bike stands and half of our shop area devoted to working on bikes, we are capable of fixing any mechanical problems found on your bike, including mountain bikes, road bikes, BMX bikes, and comfort/cruiser bikes. We pride ourselves on repairing bikes in an adequate manner while also having a quick turn around. Bring in your bike to receive a time and price estimate, and leave your bike with us to get it fixed! Please call for immediate repair concerns or any time/price estimates. 

Basic Tune Up                         $65.00
Our Basic Tune is a multi-point inspection that gets any bike back into riding order. Our Basic Tune includes:
  • adjusting front and rear brakes
  • adjusting front and rear deraileurs
  • lubing front and rear brake cables
  • lubing front and rear deraileur cables
  • lube chain
  • truing front and rear wheels
  • airing front and rear tubes
  • checking/tightening all screws and bolts
  • wiping down frame and fork
Full Tune Up                            $95.00
Our Full Tune gets your bike back into riding order and completely cleans the drivetrain of your bike. Our Full Tune includes everything performed in our Basic Tune plus:
  • removal of chain, crank, cassette, front deraileur, and rear deraileur
  • thorough cleaning in our solvent cleaner of chain, crank, cassette, front derailuer, and rear deraileur to remove any grease or dirt build up
Complete Bike Overhaul       $350.00
 Our Bike Overhaul will get your bike as new as possible without replacing any parts. Our Bike Overhaul includes everything performed in our Full Tune plus:
  • remvoal and greasing of Bottom Bracket
  • removal and overhaul of front susupension
  • remvoal and overhaul of rear suspension
Minor Repairs
Flat Repair
Brake Adjustment 
Deraileur Adjustment 
Wheel Truing
Brake Bleed 
Suspension Overhaul
Bottom Bracket Overhaul
For any repair not listed above, please call or bring in your bike for a price estimate. 
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