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Colorado has some of the best mountain bike terrain in the entire world. With hundreds of miles of single track located just in the Pikes Peak region, its easy to go out on an adventure and enjoy southern Colorado's amazing weather and stunning views! For more information on local trails please stop by the shop for printed maps or call us with any related questions! 

Woodland Park Region

Colorado Springs Region

Other great trails

Trail Riding Ethics and Friendly Reminders

  • Keep singletrack single!

    • When yeilding, don't ride off trail: stop and step

    • Ride the line: don't ride around obstacles

    • Ride when the trail is dry and stay off when wet

    • Ride, don't slide: stay in control of your bike - skidding destroys the trail surface and leads to erosion

  • Expect and respect other trail users

  • Uphill travel has the right-of-way

  • Bicycles yield to hikers and equestrian users

  • Know your bike and stay in control at all times

  • Be awesome! Educate others and set a positive example

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